Hello. I’m David, but mostly everyone calls me Zorn. I’m a Creative Director focused on advertising, design, and entertainment that’s been  living and working in Los Angeles for the majortiy of my 20 year career.

For the last 5 years or so I’ve become a full-time freelancer and have been lucky enough to work in-house, in agencies big and small, and even at a few startups. I’ve been fully remote, on-site, and everything in between. I’ve led accounts, run pitches, designed decks, and written Super Bowl scripts. I’ve collaborared with A-List directors as well as arrogant TikTok influencers. It’s mostly all been wonderful.

Before all that, I was a staff Creative Director at TBWA Media Arts Lab between 2012 and 2019 working exclusively on Apple. During that time I launched over a dozen products and created work that’s been seen and loved by people across the globe, including the Emmy Award winning Holiday campaign Misunderstood, the Apple TV launch and its bold outdoor campaign, and the celebrated film Appocalypse that kicked off Apple’s yearly Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC). 

The last few years of my time at MAL, I was focused on the repositioning of iPad, away from being a nice-to-have consumption device into being your next essential personal computing machine. Work like Imagine What Your Computer Could Do, What’s a Computer?, We Hear You (where we turned dozens of real tweets about computer problems into Apple ads), and Change helped solidify iPad’s position

I was also was deeply involved in numerous iPhone launches including a series of funny demo ads featuring Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake, and heartfelt films. For more information about any Apple work please contact me directly.

Prior to that, I helped shape numerous brands including PlayStation, HTC, Burger King and Volkswagen.

My work has won an Emmy, Cannes Lions, D&AD and One Show Pencils, AICP Awards, and a place in the permanent collection of MoMA.

A bit more about me and how I like to work.

I pride myself on my ability to tell stories through work that’s honest, human, and simple. 
I write the words as much as I direct the art.
I’ll keep pushing but I also know when to stop pushing.
I’m all for a slick execution, but it’s nothing without a smart insight. 
I’ll always try to keep it collaborative, positive, and fun.
I’m sometimes wrong but always honest.
I’m sometimes right but always humble. 
I don’t take myself too seriosuly.
I love a wrap party so let’s make something great together, yeah?

When I’m not working on my latest creative endeavor I’m busy working on making the most of family time with my wife, kids and dog. We can be found together taking in the outdoors and admiring art, music and food. 

I’ve been fortunate to stay both very busy and very happy as a freelancer but full time is never out of the question.