Outdoor Projects

In 2013 the tablet market became saturated with copycat products. But iPad was far and away the best tablet available. What made it standout from its competition was the quaility and quantity of the apps that were optimized and made specifincally for iPad. With the addition of the iPad Mini there was now a more portable and affordable iPad as well. By combining the two sizes along with apps We created an outdoor campaign that focused on specific themes on which iPad has had an impact. Reading, cooking, art, and music are just a few of themes covered in these billboards. The bold shapes and striking app screens made for a delightful art project that was seen around the world in over 20 countries.

For this street level and digital outdoor campaign we paired the iPad and iPad mini up together to form a series of ads that were a little more intelligent than your everyday bus shelter. 

We then turned these ads into full motion outdoor digital boards. In a simple and surpising way we were able to transform the medium and brought transit stations and airports to life across the globe.