iPad Pro          

On October 30, 2018 Apple held an event to announce the newest iPad Pro. This was by far the biggest change to iPad since the invention of iPad. The bezel got smaller and the screen got bigger. The edges lost their rounds and got squared off. It got a new Apple Pencil and Keyboard, The home button went away and was replaced with FaceID to unlock it. The speakers got bigger and louder. The list went on and on. So it felt right to launch this new product to the world with a film that showcased all the changes that took place. We go from old iPad to new iPad in a fun and playful way.

We gave viewers a way to experience all the changes to iPad Pro themselves by creating an interactive journey that follows the story of our film. People that opted in thorugh their favorite social channels were able to take the current iPad Pro and transform it into the all new iPad Pro through tapping, tilting, unlocking with look, and swiping. Users were then led to the iPad Pro page on apple.com where they could learn more and purchase.