Apple TV          
Color Bars

The TV category has been considered a hobby for Apple since they released the original Apple TV some years back. That's all about to change with the launch of the new Apple TV. For its first ever advertising campaign we leveraged its product truth as a disruption to the category. With Siri, the App Store and everything else Apple that you love now finally available on your TV, it's clear that the future of television has finally arrived. The color bar test pattern became our brand identity and we updated the colors to those from the Apple color logo. You can see it became an important part of every piece of the work.

Color Bars Outdoor

The color bars continued out in the world with a two phase outdoor campaign. The first two weeks were color bars only. In phase two we began introducing many of the properties in surprising ways breaking through the color bars

Phase one outdoor

Phase two outdoor

Pre Roll and digital banners

The campaign continued in various media buys online. One being pre roll ads that would run on Hulu and other online content providers. There were 6 total executions that showed various types of content available on Apple TV. We found a unique way to make the color bars feel part of the content. A few examples are below.