Apple One          
The best of Apple. All in one. 

Apple One brings together six of Apple’s best services into one subscription. It’s an increadibly rich offering at an equally incredible value. But after two years since its launch, Apple One was still fairly unknown. For its first ever global campaign, we were tasked to educate the world on what’s in Apple One and show off all the versatility it offers. 

We created an iconic and playful mnemonic for Apple One that brings six services together into one place. Using the hero color from each service along with their individual word marks, we illustrate how they all live together inside one service bundle. 

We then brought the campaign into the streets across high impact placements in some of our biggest markets around the globe. Each and every digital board lived in full motion and was created to fit the specific dimensions of each site.

For the digital space, simplified executions were created to maximize engagement. Using our mnemonic and grids of content for each service, the campaign was tailored to fit various sizes and placements across the internet. Over 1B impressions served so far, with social placements driving 33% improvement in WoW CPA's.

The campaign was adapted for the UK, Canada, Australia and Japan. To maximize relevance, we localized the hero content and found new ways to transition between services. The result was bespoke communication for each and every market.